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Seat heaters from CARLO LOYSCH

carlo Loysch GmbH is an expert in church heating and provides you with "Thermodom" seat heaters for church pews.

Seat heaters - customised, uncomplicated, comfortable

Seat heaters from carlo Loysch in Melk are a popular extra. The comfortable seat heaters are customised, uncomplicated and incredibly cosy. "Thermodom" seat heaters are tailor-made according to the bench dimensions and can be installed along the whole pew. Cut outs, e.g. for columns, can be taken into account without any problems.

Small connected load, huge effect

The felt seat cover immediately heats up to about 20°C as soon as you turn on the heating film. Small connected loads ensure energy savings of 70% or more. Seat heaters do not influence the room temperature and therefore it rules out any possible effects on the organ. Another benefit is the fact that the heater is almost invisible. Thanks to the attractive felt seat cover they blend harmoniously into the church's overall appearance.

Summary of technical data for seat heaters:

  • 26 - 40 cm wide
  • Any length
  • With felt seat cover in cardinal red, wine red, mid-brown
  • 60 watts / running metre
  • Tailor-made for the pew
  • No dust smouldering
  • Silent operation
  • ÖVE tested and certified

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