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Floor heater mats from CARLO LOYSCH

carlo Loysch GmbH offers you "Thermodom" floor heater mats so that people no longer have cold feet in your church.

Highly praised heat from the bottom – floor heater mats

The flexible "Thermodom" floor heater mats from carlo Loysch in Melk heat up areas with heavy footfall quickly, easily and without any air circulation and without stirring up much dust in the process. The heater mats are custom-made and installed directly onto wooden or stone floors. The invisible heaters really prove themselves in the ministrants area, confessionals, all around the altar, in the choir stalls and organ area.


  • For direct installation on wood, stone and carpeted floors
  • Can be used in the altar area under the altar cloth or as underfloor heating under the carpet (coconut matting)

Summary of technical data for floor heater mats:

  • Insulating layer, heating conductor film, PVC top layer
  • YML 2 x 0.75 cable as standard 1 m long, either left or right
  • Possible width from 28 to 200 cm, any length, but max. output 1200 W
  • Beige or grey

Do you have any questions about church floor heater mats? Contact us, we will be happy to advise you!

The team at carlo Loysch GmbH

CARLO LOYSCH GMBH from Melk, Lower Austria – floor heater mats for churches and places of worship