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Church bench radiators by CARLO LOYSCH

During winter, mass attendees often suffer cold benches in churches and houses of worship. Even with warm clothing the cold will soon creep in all the way to one's bones. It doesn't have to be like that! A church bench radiator by carlo Loysch from Melk in Lower Austria can provide comfortable warmth during mass. Churchgoers can fully concentrate on the sermon and are not distracted from the important part by an unpleasant freezing sensation.

A mass in comfort: CARLO LOYSCH brings warmth into cold churches

The silent infrared church bench radiators by Austrian company carlo Loysch are designed for installation underneath the seating area of the pewage. They are manufactured and inspected according to European Standard EN60335-2-30. They blend into the pewage inconspicuously and provide warm seating surfaces.

Warm seating surfaces in the pewage thanks to CARLO LOYSCH

Information on technical specifications and variants of the church bench radiators: 

  • Power up to 400 watts per running meter 
  • 230 V Voltage
  • Dimensions: 185 x 60 mm + 28 mm foot height, length between 500 and 1500 mm (100 mm steps)
  • Design: zinc plated sheet steel housing, painted brown [RAL8003]
  • break-proof special heating element, dark infrared radiator without glowing heating coil, no visible light emission, serial wiring of the bench radiators factory standard 

The list of our references is long, from the Motorway Church Dolina to the pilgrimage basilica Mariazell, and it even includes St. Stephan's Cathedral, equipped by carlo Loysch in the 1960s.

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